Company Overview



Launched in 2021 as a subsidiary of OMRAN Group, Visit Oman is the Sultanate of Oman’s digitally native online booking platform, accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), serving the needs of both the local and international travel industry.

Through strategic partnerships, Visit Oman seamlessly connects the entire accredited Omani travel supply chain – flights, accommodation, transfers, tour operators, experiences, and more – all of which have passed a rigorous quality assurance framework to ensure exceptional standards.

Visit Oman provides a wealth of curated content and storytelling resources, inspiring visitors to explore Oman’s limitless potential. With a treasure trove of untapped travel offerings, Visit Oman empowers local businesses and SMEs by enabling live bookings and instant confirmations. This makes it easier for travellers and international travel agents to find the right experiences, and for local suppliers to market their offerings in source markets on a global scale.

Committed to the National Tourism Strategy 2040, Visit Oman is dedicated to promoting Oman’s tourism industry, supported by the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, showcasing its unique beauty and authenticity to the world. We make travel easier with a digitised booking process, one seamless booking at a time.



Shabib Al Maamari

Managing Director

Amanda Barnett

Commercial Director

Salah Al Battashi

Digital Director



Oman’s tourism industry is evolving, and there are some exciting developments on the horizon! Welcome to Visit Oman, where digital innovation paves the way for endless possibilities. I’m proud to be part of the National Travel Operator – Visit Oman, the Sultanate’s digitally native booking engine designed to streamline Omani tourism offerings and empower local businesses.

Visit Oman offers a seamless bridge between local tourism offerings and global demand. We’re not just a marketplace, we’re a digital ecosystem connecting vetted travel and tourism SMEs in Oman with well-established trade partners from source markets worldwide. Discover 60+ airlines, 100+ hotels, and over 200 authentic experiences, including 80% captivating experiences crafted by local SMEs; these aren’t just numbers, they represent the diversity and richness of Omani tourism, now readily accessible to the world.

For our trade partners:

  • Simplify sourcing: Browse endless authentic experiences, build custom packages, or choose ready-made options – all with a click.
  • Expand your portfolio: Offer your customers the unique charm of Oman, backed by our reliable infrastructure and quality-assured suppliers
  • Reach more travellers: Leverage our robust network to tap into new markets and maximise sales.

For Omani tourism providers:

  • Global exposure: Showcase your offerings to a vast network of international partners.
  •  Simplified distribution: Say goodbye to fragmented channels and streamline your booking process.
  • Increased bookings: Witness your authentic experiences come to life for travellers worldwide.

Launched in 2022, Visit Oman witnessed remarkable growth in a short span. With the support of the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, we’ve connected Omani SMEs with international source markets, generated significant bookings, and built a thriving digital ecosystem. This is just the beginning.

Together, let’s contribute to the next chapter of Omani tourism, one seamless booking at a time.

Yours in Tourism,

Shabib Al Maamari