There are so many things to do in Oman… For adrenaline-fuelled adventures, visitors can go canyoneering or dune bashing. At sea, they can try flyboarding or surfing. For something more scenic, a helicopter tour provides unparalleled views. But no trip is complete without a sunset cruise. There’s so much to be discovered.


Adventure is at the heart of Oman, where every turn unveils a new thrill, from trekking through rugged canyons, to diving with majestic whale sharks and sea turtles.


Traditional Omani culture is rooted in nearly every aspect of our lives, from arts and crafts to clothing and food, and even how we welcome visitors. From a traditional meal with Bedouins to the prestigious Royal Opera House, there are so many cultural activities for visitors to experience.

Nature & Wildlife

Oman is a paradise for nature lovers. The thrill of dolphin watching, the serenity of bird sanctuaries, the awe of stargazing, and the wonder of turtle watching – there’s a variety of beauty to be explored.

Food & Beverage

One of the most satisfying ways to experience Omani culture is to taste our cuisine, and let the warm textures and rich flavours transport you to Omani kitchens filled with laughter and community.


Oman’s dramatic natural landscapes and favourable climate offer a variety of outdoor sporting activities to experience throughout the year. It’s an up-and-coming destination for international sporting events.