Discover Oman



Oman is known for its warm Arabian hospitality, abundant nature, and rich history. It’s a serene place of relaxation, unforgettable adventures, and endless exploration. Whatever visitors are looking for, they can find it here in Oman.


This is a land of unlimited discovery; a place of natural beauty, thriving wildlife, and Omani hospitality. Whether visitors are looking for a relaxing getaway or an extreme adventure, Oman has it all.

There’s so much to be discovered…

Travellers can take a tour of the souq, find traditional treasures, hike through awe-inspiring wadis, cycle across mountains, explore ancient forts, dive into a vibrant underwater world, take a dhow cruise through Kasab, unwind at a luxury resort, or just take in the scenery.

Whatever service you offer visitors, be sure to give them a warm Omani welcome.


Oman has a rich history of seafaring, pearl diving, and trade. Because we’re positioned at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula, our ancestors played a major role in the Silk Road and Spice Routes. Oman was also the gateway for ships travelling across the Strait of Hormuz, Indian Ocean, and Arabian Sea.


The natural landscape of Oman is like nowhere else on earth. Visitors are often overwhelmed by the scenery of the sea set against the Al Hajar mountains.

Flanked by the Gulf of Oman, the Arabian sea, and the vast desert of Saudi Arabia, Oman enjoys a secluded location. Historically, the sea connected Oman to the rest of the world, making it an important centre for trade.

The land is made up of desert, valleys, mountains, and coastline. It’s the only country on earth made mostly of oceanic crust and rocks from the earth’s mantle. Oman is a wonderland for visitors interested in geology.


Oman is the ideal destination for visitors looking for a true Arabian experience. Because of our secluded location from the rest of the world and being the oldest independent Arabian state, we have kept the core facets of our culture and heritage.

Visitors are impressed with Omani hospitality and the friendliness of our people. They’re fascinated by our heritage of seafaring, pearl diving, and trading, and how history has shaped our culture.

They’re interested in Omani craftwork, handed down from generation to generation, and our architecture which blends traditional and modern.


Oman is known for being one of the friendliest places on earth. Omanis are bound together by a sense of tolerance, which extends to the country’s population of nearly 5 million. We take great pride in our heritage and traditions and are happy to share them with others. Visitors are often impressed with Omani hospitality and the warmth of our people.

We are respectful, kind and helpful - to friends as well as strangers. The Omani people treat visitors like family, as travellers are sure to experience on their adventures through the Sultanate of Oman.