A major player in the travel technology field, Hotelbeds acts as a B2B distribution channel for accommodations, connecting travel providers with travel agencies and operators through an online system. This enables wider global reach across 140 countries and streamlined access to a diverse inventory of over 180,000 options.

An award-winning proptech company with three business units, uniquely designed to address the market needs of the flexible rentals industry. The flexible offering includes fully serviced, end-to-end property management, an integrated property management software providing a single system for operators to distribute and manage their portfolios and the first platform to connect the $156 bn business travel market with flexible rentals.

The digital distribution powerhouse, propels Omani tourism offerings onto the global stage, seamlessly connecting major booking platforms, portals, search engines and applications worldwide. This grants domestic SMEs exponential growth through global market access.

With 40+ years of expertise in the MENA region, Saudi Arabia’s leading travel company, expands Oman’s leisure tourism offerings in regional source markets through comprehensive marketing campaigns.

Powered by Mastercard’s proprietary priceless™ programme, Oman is promoted as a travel destination reaching billions of Mastercard cardholders worldwide, whilst sharing data-driven insights to help shape and execute tourism strategies.

Makasib, powered by Oman’s leading integrated telecommunications provider boasts a significant number of users with its diverse rewards, tiered system, and partnerships, unlocking exciting opportunities to redeem points for various tourism and travel-related experiences in Oman.



We are partnering with local businesses and SMEs across Oman that offer a range of travel services and experiences. If you have a business related to tourism in Oman, register with us and we will connect you to trade partners from around the world. The more suppliers on board, the more bespoke travel experiences Oman can offer.

With over 200 suppliers, here is a glimpse into a selection of experiences offered through Visit Oman.

C14 Hunna


A community tourism project, brought to you by HUN’na. The project aims to provide unique experiences from the east to the west of Dhofar all year, and to introduce Dhofar’s different seasons to visitors. Enjoy a local cultural experience like never before with the locals, and the option for a dedicated local female guide for some of the female only experiences.

C15 Oman Across Ages Museum


Located in Wilayat Manah, Oman Across Ages Museum showcases the history of the land of Oman dating back to 800 million years. A truly unique and immersive experience that takes visitors on a journey through time, from the formation of the Earth’s crust to the modern day with interactive exhibits, ancient artefacts, and stunning architecture.

C16 Infinite Tours


A Destination Management company with extensive experience in innovative product development, Infinite Tours offers individual leisure & adventure tours, group tours (Cultural, historical, adventure, women exclusive, and special interest tours), and cruise excursions.

C17 - Marhaba Dhofar


Your gateway to hidden wonders in Dhofar. Explore beyond the usual sights with Marhaba Dhofar’s immersive private and group tours. From uncovering ancient treasures on UNESCO heritage sites to experiencing an overnight desert stay at the Empty Quarter. The southern part of Oman has so much to offer beyond the Khareef season.

C18 - Royal Balloon


Founded in 2019, the Royal Balloon Oman is the first hot air balloon company in Oman, offering flights over the breathtaking Wahiba Sands, where visitors can soak in panoramic views as the sun paints the desert sky.

C19 Sidab Sea Tours


A premier marine tour operator since 1998, specialising in key elements of marina activities off the coast of Muscat. From majestic dhow cruises and island-hopping escapades along the coast, thrilling dolphin watching and snorkelling trips, to exciting fishing expeditions and relaxing picnics on secluded beaches.

C20 OM Adventure Centre


The Musandam-based Oman Adventure Centre unveils the world’s longest zipline over water, as recognized by Guinness World Records. A unique 45-minute adrenaline rush, soaring over breathtaking fjords and turquoise waters with the launch platform located at 220m above sea level. Visitors can capture unforgettable memories with optional videography services.


Desert Nights Camp

The 5-star Desert Nights Camp is situated on the Sharqiya Sands, a secluded area of beautiful desert landscape. It offers 39 Bedouin-style tents and 14 rooms. Services include camel rides and sunset 4×4 dune drives.



Amouage is a luxury perfume brand founded in Oman in 1983. It features a factory and visitor centre where people can see how the perfume is made, using only the highest-quality ingredients sourced from around the world.


The National Museum

The National Museum showcases the nation’s heritage from the earliest human settlement in the Oman Peninsula two million years ago through to the present day. It boasts 14 permanent galleries, and temporary exhibitions.


Raz Al Jinz Turtle Reserve

Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve is a unique natural landscape of unspoiled shorelines, golden deserts, green oases and rugged mountains. It’s known globally as a crucial nesting site of the endangered green sea turtle.


Rove Adventures

Established in 2016 by a group of youngsters with a passion for the outdoors, Rove Adventures Company aims to promote Oman’s incredible natural wealth. The firm specialises in unique adventures and travel experiences.


Big Bus

Hop on the Muscat bus tour to discover the fascinating history and traditional Arabian charm of Oman’s capital. Hop off to explore 16th century forts, museums and more, and to immerse yourself in the culture of Muscat.


Al Sharqiya Aviation

Al Sharqiya Aviation is Oman’s first commercial aviation service provider. It offers tours from the sky as well as charter and logistics services with the Airbus H125 helicopter and Embraer Legacy 650 business jet.


Sea of Oman

With marine leisure provider Sea of Oman, you can discover Oman’s breathtaking coastline, encounter incredible marine life, and enjoy activities such as sailing and wakeboarding, charters, powerboats, and PADI diving courses.


Thousand Nights Camp

Thousand Nights Camp offers a variety of adventures and desert experiences exploring its scenic terrains and adventurous sporting activities.


Star of The Sea Tours

Star of the Sea Tours is an established provider in Oman of outdoor activities, especially boat tours & water sports, including sunset dhows.


Canyon Adventures Tours

Canyon Adventures and Tours is dedicated to adventures in Oman, including canyoning and abseiling, as well as providing experienced and knowledgeable guides for areas such as Misfat Al Abreen.


Royal Opera House Muscat

The Royal Opera House Muscat is the leading centre of arts and culture in Oman. Open all year round, it features rich and diverse live performances from the Sultanate of Oman, the region and the world.