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National Travel Operator SPC values your personal information and privacy. This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) will outline how we use personal data that we collect from you when you visit this Website. Your use of the Website is subject to the Terms available here. Personal Information collected from your use of the Website will be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Contact Information

If you have any queries related to the processing of your personal information, please feel free to contact us at the Contact Us page.

What We Collect

You acknowledge that we, or third parties, may collect and record information concerning your access and use of the Website of your through electronic means (cookies, monitoring, etc). This information is not intended to identify you.
You may also, voluntarily, use functionality on the Website to submit your information to us for your own or our purposes through web links, webmail or other communications tools adopted in the Website. You acknowledge that you submit, and we collect and record such information for purposes set out below.

Purpose of processing

While visiting the Website your personal information may be used:
– in connection with services related to our marketing and promotions
– to respond to any queries you communicate to us by e-mail or mail.
– for direct marketing and promotion purposes either by OMRAN Group or any of its subsidiaries (as described below), partners or third parties
– for statistical, aggregation and management of the Website’s services

Direct marketing and promotion

You may voluntarily provide information through to receive information about National Travel Operator SPC’s services/offerings. You can unsubscribe to any direct marketing and promotions (detailed below).


In the event that you no longer wish to receive marketing or promotional materials you may opt-out of receiving these communication you may notify us by email at the Contact Us page.

Cross border transfer

Your personal information may be transferred across countries or processed in countries which may not have data protection laws or to countries where your privacy and other rights in respect of the same are not guaranteed.

Cookie Policy

Cookie Statement

By using our Website you agree and consent that National Travel Operator SPC and third parties can store and access cookies and other tracking technologies to ensure functionality of the Website, collect data about Website usage. You have the option to disable cookies as set out below.

Disabling Cookies

Most browsers will allow you to control whether or not they accept cookies. Instructions for configuring cookie settings in some of the most popular browsers are available from these pages:
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