Attraction World Group Forms New Strategic Partnership With Visit Oman

Attraction World Group Forms New Strategic Partnership With Visit Oman

At this year’s World Travel Market (WTM), Visit Oman, the Sultanate of Oman’s trusted B2B travel booking platform, proudly announced a dynamic new partnership with Attraction World Group (AWG), a leading distributor of high-quality travel experiences and attractions. This alliance comes on the heels of Visit Oman’s recent collaboration with digital enabler Prioticket and represents a significant step in the nation’s digital tourism strategy. The signing, which took place amidst the buzz and global networking of the WTM from November 6th to 8th, sets the stage for a transformative collaboration aimed at digitising and diversifying Oman’s travel offerings.

The signing ceremony was attended by the esteemed presence of dignitaries, among them H.E. Azzan Al Busaidi, Oman’s Undersecretary for Tourism for the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism and Chairman of Oman Tourism Development Company (OMRAN Group); Dr. Hashil Al Mahrouqi, CEO of OMRAN Group; and Mr. Olly Nicholls, Group CEO of Attraction World Group (AWG). This latest partnership aims to expand the digital footprint of Oman’s tourism sector, harnessing the synergies of both collaborations to enhance the country’s global tourism appeal and further support the growth of Omani SMEs.

AWG is known as a prominent global leader in delivering tours, excursions, and exceptional travel experiences. Their emphasis is on advanced technology solutions customized for travel and tourism industry partners. Visit Oman will leverage AWG’s robust digital infrastructure and industry standing, to significantly amplify the reach and accessibility of the products offered by Omani ventures, especially those offered by small and medium enterprise.

“The alliance with Attractions World Group marks a significant leap in integrating state- of-the-art technology with our tourism initiatives,” asserted Dr. Hashil Al Mahrouqi, CEO of OMRAN Group. “It is a move that aligns with our unwavering commitment to cultivate novel opportunities that stimulate tourism in Oman through innovative digital platforms. This partnership stands out as a pioneering effort to position Omani tourism businesses on the global map, enabling them to be accessible to an international audience at the click of a button. It is about simplifying the path to global visibility, minimising marketing overheads, and driving the growth and development of local enterprises.”

Group CEO of Attraction World Group, Mr. Olly Nicholls, echoes this vision, stressing the strategic importance of connecting global tourists with Oman’s unique experiences. “We are absolutely thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Visit Oman. This collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting journey, not only to provide unparalleled distribution opportunities for attractions, experiences, tours, and other captivating activities within Oman but also to afford Visit Oman’s partners immediate access to our extensive global network. This spans retail travel agents, airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, and loyalty schemes. Together with Visit Oman, we’re embarking on a mission to empower Omani SMEs, enabling them to put their exceptional products on the international stage. We’re setting new standards in travel industry distribution and offer an incredible platform to enhance the visibility of Oman’s unique tourism experiences.”

This collaboration comes at a time when the importance of digital innovation in the travel sector has never been more pronounced. It is a strategy that not only broadens the market reach for Omani tours and attraction providers but also enhances the travel experience through state-of-the-art digital engagement. By doing so, Visit Oman ensures that the benefits for the entire Omani tourism ecosystem are fully realized, keeping it agile and poised to meet the demands of the modern traveler.

“In an age where most travelers arrange their trips online, digitization means putting Oman on the map, quite literally, in the digital world that modern tourists navigate,” explains Mr. Shabib Al Maamari, Managing Director of Visit Oman “We’re ensuring that with just a few clicks, every Omani tourism entrepreneur and service provider can gain direct advantages from the international exposure to our vibrant culture and the diverse beauty of our landscapes”.

With the spotlight on tourism initiatives, this partnership brings new advantages for the Oman tourism sector. The term ‘digitization’ might sound high-tech, but at its core, it means making the entire travel experience smoother, simpler, and more accessible for everyone involved. From a smartphone or computer, travelers can now discover the wonders of Oman, book their adventures, and ensure that their spending supports local businesses. For the SME owner, this translates to new customers from across the globe, fewer barriers to market entry, and the chance to shine on the world stage without the need for complex and costly marketing campaigns.

The partnership with Attractions World Group marks a significant milestone in Oman’s deliberate and strategic journey toward digitalisation in tourism, showcasing Visit Oman’s commitment to creating partnerships that not only advance the sector but also provide real economic advantages and safeguards the interests of the nation’s SMEs, equipping them with the tools and visibility to grow alongside the burgeoning global travel sector.

About Attraction World Group

Attraction World Group (AWG) is a global leader in the travel experiences sector, celebrated for its adeptness in enhancing connectivity and enriching product selections for international travel brands. As the strategic distribution partner for a litany of premier travel and lifestyle entities, AWG are strategic partners of Disney, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, the New York Yankees, City Sightseeing, Go City, SeaWorld Parks, Miral Destinations, Big Bus Tours, City Experiences, amongst a host of acclaimed experience creators.

In its portfolio, AWG includes Tix Group, the parent to consumer-focused brands such as FloridaTix, AttractionTix, and GoSeeDo, expanding its reach directly to travellers seeking curated experiences. This suite of brands solidifies AWG’s direct-to-market engagement, offering an effortless gateway to the world’s most sought-after attractions.

Having enabled more than 13 million customers to pre-book global attractions, AWG stands as a cornerstone of the international experience ecosystem. The company’s blend of expert insights and innovative technology equips travel partners around the world to thrive in the competitive attraction ticketing market, with a comprehensive lineup of theme parks, sightseeing tours, theatre productions, experience days, and other activities spanning numerous destinations.

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