Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tour




“Explore Oman’s unique, diverse nature from a bird’s eye view with a helicopter tour in the Airbus H125.

Take a quick transfer to Jebel Akhdar or Wahiba Sands. With a range of 550km and a top cruising speed of 240km/h, you’ll gain a different perspective on the landscape.

Or just go sightseeing around Muscat. The 15-minute city tours take in key attractions such as Al Khairan Bay, the Bustan Palace Hotel, Majlis Oman, the Jalali and Mirani forts, and the Muttrah Cornish.

The Airbus H125 is well-suited to hot environments and high altitudes. It carries up to five passengers. “

  • Sightseeing in Airbus H125
  • City tour is 15 minutes
  • Covers main tourist spots